Bliss Midi Dress Tobacco

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Brand: 34N 118W

Cottony french terry pull-on dress with side vents and as always, pockets.  Midi length.  Lightweight enough to be cool all year. 


34N is a uniform for every woman, every day. Unapologetically comfortable yet put together, special but not exclusive, 34N is made responsibly with high quality fabrics and punctuated with unordinary details. Let’s make fun!



Beauty is a messy rainbow spectrum, and we love all the shades and colors. 34N is designed for every woman to feel beautiful, accepted, and celebrated just as they are.

The collective minds behind 34N have designed thousands of garments for various brands for a long time, over 30+ years in the industry. What can we say, we just love making things. Simple, easy-to-wear with a splash of interesting and fun—we hope our clothes make you feel like you and spark conversations and connections.

Our name, THIRTY FOUR NORTH ONE-EIGHTEEN WEST, comes from the approximate coordinates of our headquarters in Los Angeles. In this eclectic neighborhood, the melting pot of faces and personalities are constantly inspiring. From donating a portion of our profits to support homelessness issues to volunteering, we believe in using art (in its many forms) for activism and continually look for ways to participate and give back to the community we call home.

You can call us 34 North for short.



The way we make our clothes is as important as the final garment. This begins with the creative magic in our Los Angeles studio, continues with the materials we choose, to the individuals who sew the pieces.



We seek out factories that have decades of skilled mastery, honest labor practices and share our philosophy of creating quality, long-lasting products—not cheap, throwaway fast fashion. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Our search for like-minded partners has led us a few blocks away to knits and denim experts in Los Angeles, all the way to fabric mills in France, tailors in Portugal, and silk experts in Shanghai, China. No matter who we work with, we champion for the same high standards that we practice in our Los Angeles studio: better than average wages for top notch talent, and nurturing and mentoring individuals (men and women of all backgrounds) to achieve their dreams.



There’s no denying that creating garments has environmental consequences. Every season we are constantly evaluating better options and setting measurable goals. By 2019, we are committed to phasing out synthetic materials and making 100% of our collection from natural fibers. We’re 90% of the way there.

To reduce our waste, we’re minimizing the use of plastic and poly bags and use 100% recyclable shipping and packaging whenever possible. We continually repurpose fabric for art installations and donate excess yardage to local schools.

We believe every conscious choice you make can make a difference.


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34N 118W Bliss Midi Dress Tobacco
34N 118W Bliss Midi Dress Tobacco
34N 118W Bliss Midi Dress Tobacco

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