Corduroy Turtle Tee, Light Blue

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Brand: Amomento

Zip up Ice Blue, heavy cotton knit a corduroy like weave with a zip collar in front. Zipped up looks like a turtleneck, Zipped down has a deep "v". Lots of stretch, super flattering with denim, over or under a dress and very comfortable. One of our favorite pieces for winter that we will be living in

Founded in 2014, Amomento is a Seoul-based clothing and lifestyle store created with an emphasis on visually-interesting, organic shapes, natural materials, and timeless, minimalist fashion staples and footwear. Owner Lee Mee-Kyung curates Korean and international brands and labels with pieces that support a modern, mindful lifestyle, with basics and accessories that effortlessly and subtly enhance and ground any modern wardrobe.

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Amomento Corduroy Turtle Tee, Light Blue
Amomento Corduroy Turtle Tee, Light Blue