Earnie Boilersuit

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Brand: LF Markey

Loose fit, boilersuit in a window pane print.

100% cotton. 

Model is 5'7" / 170 cm and is wearing a size US 4.

LF Markey is a collection of modern and feminine women’s clothes inspired by workwear and utility clothing. LF Markey was born after it’s namesake, ex-Burberry designer, Louise Markey, graduated from the master’s course and Central Saint Martins, and was prompted by her own passion for traditional bleu de travails and artist’s smocks. The label is renown for making contemporary variations of workwear staple pieces including it’s signature boilersuits, core coats, dungarees, work pants and jeans. The focus for these staple pieces is on high quality manufacture and innovative cuts, to elevate them from a utilitarian foundation, into elegant casual wear for the modern woman. From this practical and hardwearing basis, the garments are elevated with fine fabrics such as cashmeres, washed silks, laces or embroidery. The LF Markey women is still feminine and sexy despite the often tomboyish styling and oversized shapes. Bold colour is important and present every collection, often bold primaries like Scarlet, Ultramarine, Grass Green, and our signature brand colour, Golden Yellow.


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LF Markey Earnie Boilersuit
LF Markey Earnie Boilersuit
LF Markey Earnie Boilersuit