Fuck It Notepad

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Pocket Notebook

Red with Plain Paper

Green with Grid Paper

Blue with Dot Paper

Notebook O -white paper 3.52′′ × 4.8′′
1.2 ounces 1.25 ounces

The back cover is foil stamped with the Various Projects backstamp.

Various Projects

Elizabeth Beer & Brian Janusiak formed Various Projects, Inc. as a multidisciplinary creative collaboration in 2005. Often working in blurry areas between design, art, and commerce, Various Projects is always looking to link creative disciplines. Collaborations are a central and essential focus of the studio which creates objects, garments, accessories, books, furniture, and spaces as the need arises.


Various Keytags™ is a product line made by Various Projects that evolved from a single souvenir created exclusively for the Travel/Hotel store. Now its own entity or spin-off, it offers an infinite number of word and phrase variations and continues to grow into new customized categories. 


Project No. 8 is the retail arm of Various Projects which currently has two New York locations: the Travel/Hotel Shop at the Ace Hotel at 22 West 29th Street, and a temporary Souvenir Shop and Kind-of-Convenience Store at TurnStyle—a new food and shopping court underground at the Columbus Circle subway station. These spaces have offered Various Projects and their many creative partners a chance to experiment with themes that re-occur in their work: questions of distribution, digression, and the creation of fluctuating communities.

Various Projects’ Clients and Collaborators include:


A Window
Ace Hotel
Arratia Beer Gallery
BarneysNY (Japan)
Base Design
Casper Mattress
Cooper Hewitt
Darcel Disappoints
Dexter Sinister
Dome Collective
Frederick McSwain
Garden 26
Grey Area
Herman Miller
Jason Polan
Josee LePage & Tobias Wong
Lightening Bolt
New Museum
Patrick Parrish Gallery
PowerHouse Books
Print All Over Me
Realities United and Chris Wagner
School Of Life
Serving Library
Seth Kinmont for Ideas City
Urban Outfitters
Wallpaper Projects
White Zinfandel Magazine

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Fuck It Notepad

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