Palomito Wool Rug Oreo Small

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Brand: Mexchic

Mexchic's hand-loomed bouclé pile rugs, are hand-woven in Mexico with 100% Mexican wool in a chunky, plush style. The artisan who weaves these rugs, cleans, spins and dyes his own wool and therefore he is able to attain this interesting and beautiful one-of-a-kind hand made texture.

2.5 x 3.5 ft


Mexchic creates objects with integrity, hovering in the realm of conceptual and artistic, designed in-house then hand-made by only the most talented Mexican artisans, using centuries old techniques in limited editions. Collectable works seeped in Mexican tradition while also contemporary and personal. 

Mexchic’s collections are research-based which merge designer Christina Hattler’s aesthetics, love of archeology, anthropology and textiles with her personal experiences of having lived in Mexico for over 15 years. Inspiration comes primarily from Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, Indigenous cultures, art, architecture and ceremonial traditions. 

Christina lives and works in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico


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Mexchic Palomito Wool Rug Oreo Small
Mexchic Palomito Wool Rug Oreo Small