Not a Pearl Earrings, Short Drop

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Brand: Cled

Sustainable pearl Eco Gem dangle on orb posts. Metal shell gleams as it catches the light. Why is this Not A Pearl? Our pearls are hand-formed from recycled glass bottles, causing no harm to any mollusks. 100% sustainable vegan pearl 

* Please note the earrings being sold are the shorter of the two in in the image with the model wearing two earrings.

• Sold as a pair
• Sterling Silver
• Hand-formed Eco Gem repurposed from discarded glass bottles 
• Length 2.5 in
• Made in Los Angeles

Please note each piece is individually handcrafted so size and color may slightly vary from the featured images. 


We do it differently.

Our mission reflects upcycling with style to use waste resourcefully.

CLED (clӕd) was inspired by using discarded resources and repurposing them into new treasured objects to reduce our environmental impact without ever sacrificing quality or design.

Our story begins with a question. Why is jewelry made of natural resources, animal materials or mass manufactured with low quality? More so, the fashion industry is one of the top pollution contributors in the world. To reduce our environmental impact, our answer is to leverage high-quality existing materials to create upcycled and beautiful pieces. 

What is the origin of CLED?

CLED is derived from the word cycle(d), reflecting the meaning of recycled and upcycled. We believe in the circularity of goods, as we continuously reuse objects and transform them into renewable products.

CLED stands for Conscious Lifestyle Earth Friendly & Ethical Design, which we believe in and are committed to. We proudly use sustainable, cruelty-free and discarded materials in our design and production. We value transparency in all aspects of how we do business.

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Cled Not a Pearl Earrings, Short Drop
Cled Not a Pearl Earrings, Short Drop
Cled Not a Pearl Earrings, Short Drop
Cled Not a Pearl Earrings, Short Drop