Soap Dish, 3.5 inches long

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Brand: Saipua

Raise the bar

Prevent that inevitable soap build-up in your shower or on your countertop by placing bars atop this grooved block of natural American pine.

  • Preserves quality of soap
  • Protects countertops
  • 100% American pine


Rest soap on tray between uses.


Proper storage allows bar soaps to keep longer, extending their life and effectiveness. This warmly elegant piece also makes a great gift when paired with your favorite bar.

About Saipua

Saipua is home to the creative practices of artist and educator Sarah Ryhanen and her network of collaborators and co-conspirators.

Saipua began in 2006 with a Brooklyn studio devoted to the dual crafts of flower arranging and soap-making (Saipua means “soap” in Finnish, a nod to Sarah's heritage and the tradition of Sauna). Through her floral practice, Sarah has cultivated a distinct aesthetic, inspiring a broad movement in floral design.



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Saipua Soap Dish, 3.5 inches long
Saipua Soap Dish, 3.5 inches long