Fishnet Socks Black

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Brand: The Great Eros

Fishnet Ankle Socks by The Great Eros. Crafted with Italy's best quality yarns and most innovative techniques, these special fishnet socks add a layer of magic.

The Great Eros, a modern concept store based in Williamsburg, was brought to life over a bottle of wine by couple and co-founders Emilio Ramirez and Christina Viviani; the result is a deeply personal take on erotica, informed by the couple's own contemplation of their relationship and minimalist approach to intimacy. Designed with an awareness of the five senses and the subtlety underlying touch and connection, their collection of lingerie and hosiery meditates on the ebb and flow between the masculine and feminine aspects of sensuality. Crafted in Italy with innovative techniques and an old-world loyalty to quality, each piece nods towards warmth, ambiance, and timeless appeal.

The Great Eros

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The Great Eros Fishnet Socks Black
The Great Eros Fishnet Socks Black
The Great Eros Fishnet Socks Black